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Daegu: Mountains, E-World and Downtown

May 7, 2018John, South Korea Standard

The mountain About a 30-minute walk south of our neighborhood lies the beautiful Apsan Park, which is actually a mountain with several peaks. There’s an observatory at one peak with breathtaking views of the valley which Daegu City lies in. I walked up here alone twice and it’s absolutely magical. After enjoying my “Kimbap” forRead more

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Intro to Daegu

April 30, 2018John, South Korea Standard

We stayed for two months in Daegu, a city of 2.5 million residents in southeastern South Korea. Daegu has a large student population, a U.S. Army Garrison and a bustling downtown filled with trendy stores and restaurants. Unfortunately the air quality in Daegu is about the same as Busan – generally bad. So sometimes weRead more

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To Korea by Sea

April 9, 2018John, South Korea Standard

We left Japan via ferry from Fukuoka to Busan. The ferry was very similar to B.C. Ferries; however, the passengers can hang out in little compartments where they spread out and sleep on mats on the floor. The ride took about 6 hours and most of the passengers ended up sleeping this entire time evenRead more

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April 4, 2018Japan, John Standard

Fukuoka is on the Japanese southern island of Kyushu. The island definitely feels more relaxed than Tokyo and Sarah and I loved our two weeks here. The city feels like the Japanese version of Vancouver. There’s a busy harbour with beautiful ocean views and wide streets with trees running down the sidewalks. Every couple ofRead more

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Into the Woods

February 27, 2018Japan, John Standard

Sarah and I spent two weeks in a cabin near Ogawa-machi, Saitama Prefecture. With a population of 31,000, Ogawa is a small town located a couple hours by train northwest of Tokyo. There’s a hot spring hotel and several organic restaurants but otherwise not much for tourists in the town. We spent quite a lotRead more

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