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Bangalore and Our Farewell to Asia

August 2, 2018India, John Standard

Our last stop in India, Bangalore, is faster paced than Kochi. Cows still graze the sidewalks, but in Bangalore they do so in front of Starbucks and McDonalds. Women wearing jeans and shorts (very rare in Kerala), craft breweries and fancy malls contribute to the more Western feel. Our apartment, a fifth floor “penthouse”, lookedRead more

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Two Days in Munnar

July 9, 2018India, John Standard

Traveling in India for us generally involved showing up at a bus station and asking locals which bus to get on as there was rarely English signage, and that is how we arrived in Munnar, a town on the eastern border of Kerala near Tamil Nadu. We started our five-hour bus ride in Kochi, whichRead more

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First Weeks in India: Kerala

June 23, 2018India, John Standard

We flew to Kochi, the largest urban centre in the state of Kerala with a population of 2.1 million, from South Korea. India is unlike anywhere we have travelled so far on this trip, completely chaotic and full of life. Here we have sensory overload but in a very different way from South Korea.  Stunning jungleRead more

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June 8, 2018John, South Korea Standard

We spent a week in the heart of Korea, Seoul, and saw only a fraction of what the city has to offer. So much energy, so much excitement and so much Kakao Friends! From the fluffy animals that take after mobile app characters to the endless phone cases, Seoul felt like the cell phone centerRead more

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Daegu: A Few More Things

May 14, 2018John, South Korea Standard

Korea is a mixture of all the countries we’ve been to in some ways, especially feeling like a blend of Japan and China, but maybe that’s just because we’ve been to both so recently. But it felt like it had a lot of the modernity and trendiness of Japan, mixed with more of the less-developedRead more

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