Daegu: Mountains, E-World and Downtown

May 7, 2018John, South Korea Standard

The mountain

About a 30-minute walk south of our neighborhood lies the beautiful Apsan Park, which is actually a mountain with several peaks. There’s an observatory at one peak with breathtaking views of the valley which Daegu City lies in. I walked up here alone twice and it’s absolutely magical. After enjoying my “Kimbap” for lunch on the peak, a security guard offered me an energy drink – Koreans are so generous. As I was in the midst of self-congratulating myself for making it to the top, several older ladies showed up in full exercise mode with sun visors, shattering my ego.

Downtown Daegu

To walk downtown from our apartment we take the major roads. We pass the strip club neighborhood, then the U.S. Army base with 15-foot tall walls with rusty barbed wire at the top. After 45 minutes we arrive at downtown Daegu. Downtown Daegu is a real assault on the senses, especially on Sunday afternoons when we head downtown along with the youth crowd to experience the sights, sounds and smells. Chalk full of young couples on dates (wearing matching attire, see below), loud pop music, outdoor concerts and tons of trendy teenagers in the latest fashions. Sometimes we can hear three different pop songs playing at once from various restaurants and stores. It’s all shop shop shop, full of energy.


One of our best experiences in Daegu, Sarah and I walked about 1 km north and went to E-world. E-world is like a Disneyland of sorts and boy what an experience. The matching couples were out in full force. Young couples wear matching clothing to show off their love for each other in public. I can’t think of any other place in the world where couples do this and Sarah and I love it. Too many to count as E-world is a very date-y place.

E-world is set up for photos. An old London bus, a giant romantic chair, a couples swing, you name it, it’s all about getting the perfect photo. With the cherry blossoms in full force we picked a perfect day for photos.

Before leaving we checked out the zoo, which, complete with squirrels, raccoons and chipmunks, felt more like a park back home.


Every great climb with a staircase begin must.


A gym halfway to the top of Mt. Apsan. In use on both my visits.


Observation deck at the top of Mt. Apsan overlooking Daegu.


View of Daegu from Apsan Park, looking east. The tram is visible in the hills below.


We were feeling old downtown. So much shopping. Had to drag Sarah out of the stores.


Perhaps a famous K-pop star. He was surrounded by adoring fans.


Matching couple. Extra credit for shoes and shopping bag. 9.0/10.


Grandparents are important in South Korea!


Giant ice thing, downtown.


The main subway stations have underground malls that stretch on for ages. Filled with shopping and restaurants.


Rallies are common. Not sure what this one was about.


Fancy looking firetrap restaurant.


We had a couple drinks in the bus-bar.


One of dozens of busy markets in Daegu. This one was a short walk away from our apartment.


View from the Board Game Cafe’s rooftop bar.


People come from all over to see E-world! Let’s get this party started!


The entrance is yet another photo op! Our first matching couple of the day.


More photo opportunities!?!?! Note the two tripods on the right.


Elves reporting for duty.


Finally had a chance to see a squirrel!


And a raccoon!!!


Couples or lonely singles may put a lock on this tree to show their devotion to paying $7 for a lock they can never use again.


Tribute to the website!


Looking down over E-world and Daegu.


Tram ride across the theme park at dusk.


Nighttime photo ops.






Such an interesting photo-post, John. I enjoyed seeing and reading about your hike up the mountain, the views from the top and a tour of the city. Gosh, I’m struck again and often by the apparent cleanliness of the city…busy wit people and commerce, cluttered with signs and electrical wires and so on…but tidy nevertheless. What a trip you two have been on. I look forward to your next installment! Love, Mimi

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