John: Originally from Vancouver, Canada I worked the corporate lifestyle in California for seven years. After years of contemplation and self-examination I finally threw in the towel September 2016 and haven’t looked back since. Ever since I was a child I have only wanted two things: to travel and to learn new things…let’s see what happens!

Sarah: I feel like my life has been very rule-bound and routine-oriented until now, but starting about a year ago it began to feel right to break away in order to try to gain some distance and perspective and a state of mind not so concerned with the next immediate stressor or external goal in order to determine where I really want my life to go, career-wise and otherwise. This is the first time in my life when I truly feel like I don’t have a concrete plan for the future, and it’s scary but exhilarating and just feels right at this moment. And of course, it helped being with someone who felt the same.

Welcome to our blog! A way for us to share photos and experiences from this year? six months? three years? abroad with family and friends back home.