Intro to Daegu

April 30, 2018John, South Korea Standard

We stayed for two months in Daegu, a city of 2.5 million residents in southeastern South Korea. Daegu has a large student population, a U.S. Army Garrison and a bustling downtown filled with trendy stores and restaurants. Unfortunately the air quality in Daegu is about the same as Busan – generally bad. So sometimes we planned our day around the pollution.


Our Neighborhood

Our apartment is in a charming little neighborhood of random alleys well outside the city center in an older part of town. A group of older ladies gather in the basement of our neighboring building to wash sprouts every day. Trucks drive by every few hours on sunny days selling vegetables, eggs or knife sharpening services. They let you know they have arrived with a megaphone announcement on repeat. Early morning walkers take to the gym equipment at the nearby park.

We will continue with more Daegu in our next post.


Street markets are the best place to get cheap veggies and fruit.


We didn’t recognize all the fruit.


Busy market near downtown Daegu.


Lady putting together sweets at the downtown market.


Yes, I want my Nuclear Steak!


Our humble apartment.


The monorail is driverless, and yet there’s an attendant that sits at the front looking very bored. The windows automatically fog up when approaching an apartment building – for privacy.


Our neighborhood’s school zone.


One is never far from a golf driving range in South Korea.


Restaurant worker taking a smoke break.


Some sidewalk murals.


Took this neat photo on a long walk around Daegu by myself.


Airplane restaurant…of course!


Sarah at the lake in our neighborhood. The location of our daily walk.


I love these little vans and I’m taking one home.


Vending machine.


The Audrey Hepburn cafes are a South Korean chain.


Daegu Tower behind us.


These flower vending machines are everywhere in South Korea.


Beautiful Mt. Apsan, as seen from our roof.


We risked it and got some haircuts. The price was under $10USD so we couldn’t complain! I love looking like a K-pop star anyways.


We had a few days of snow before the temperature shot back above 20degC.


U.S. Army Base, in case you couldn’t have guessed.


There is a large U.S. military presence in Daegu.


Free mattress.


The Korean coffee shops are super best. We spent hours.


The ‘veggie dishes’ have cooked beef, the ‘meat dishes’ have raw beef. No idea!


Another absolutely beautifully designed cafe in our neighborhood.


Waiting for my fried treats while sportin’ my K-pop haircut.


William Martin

A great collection of photos, providing a good glimpse of daily life in Daegu. Well done! Thank you. Safe travels.


I love the flower vending machines!!


I want a nuclear steak as well and some flowers too please.

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