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Final Week in Vietnam

July 31, 2017Sarah, Vietnam Standard

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost three months since we landed in Vietnam. It went by so quickly, and I can tell already how much I’m going to miss it. And of course, it’s just in the past few weeks that we’ve begun meeting people to hang out with and who I wish we’dRead more

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Saigon Caf├ęs

July 7, 2017John, Vietnam Standard

Sunday afternoon I spent four hours at a small coffee shop along the river just north of District 1. Customers arrive (all men) one at a time and each places a pack of cigarettes on the small plastic table, orders an iced coffee and sits quietly while watching the scooters drive by. At one pointRead more

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June 13, 2017Sarah, Vietnam Standard

On June 4th, John and I flew two hours north to the capital, Hanoi, for nine days to explore more of this intriguing country and to give my friend some space in Ho Chi Minh to finish her teaching year. What a different feel within one country! Just as we noticed moving from city toRead more

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June 3, 2017John, Vietnam Standard

After our almost scooter accident Sarah decided not to ride them anymore and I don’t blame her. With no public transportation the locals take scooters to get around Ho Chi Minh. Scooters are the fastest way to get around since they split lanes, drive on sidewalks, park anywhere that’s flat and carry a family ofRead more

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First Two Weeks in Vietnam

May 26, 2017Sarah, Vietnam Standard

After our month in Thailand, we have now been in Vietnam for two weeks, and will be here for ten more. I’m excited to stay in one place for even longer to try to get to know it more, as I felt I was just starting to get comfortable in Thailand at the end ofRead more

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