How I Feel

April 17, 2017John, Thailand Standard

Starting to feel more adjusted to the temperature, climate and culture. Remembering slowly why I came here in the first place. I feel today this is where I want to be and am much more relaxed than at home, it’s like an alternate reality.

Sarah and I were talking about how much we prefer feeling closer to the culture of a place as opposed to sipping martinis on a beach being pampered. We have witnessed a scooter accident and a tourist evacuating his stomach from our balcony. Everything feels different and makes me realize I can get by on so much less. The Thai people seem to be a very happy people.

Neither of us are in a vacation mode right now. We don’t mind missing out on the tourist sites to just relax, work on our projects and experience Thailand. We head to Lampang on Wednesday. We chose it because it’s in a completely different part of Thailand and supposedly isn’t so full of tourists. We will, however, be staying at a Guesthouse instead of Airbnb, so I expect a different experience.


Our Kamala Beach Airbnb.